What is Project Management?

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Project Management is the use of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques applied to project activities to meet the project requirements.  Project Management is accomplished by following a structured Project Management Life Cycle.  At Cox, project managers are expected to manage expectations of stakeholders during all phases of the project life cycle. 

Project Management At Cox

Project Managers at Cox Communications are used to help drive financial and operational efficiencies in project delivery. While utilized throughout the company in a variety of departments, Project Managers are managed through the EPMO (Enterprise Portfolio Management Organization). 

At Cox Communications, we believe Project Management is an ideal training ground for future leaders of our company, thanks to the skills acquired, networks established, and end-to-end business knowledge developed as they work within all disciplines of the business.

As a Project Manager at Cox Communications, you will receive a project assignment on the main Atlanta campus, with the opportunity to work in departments such as: Technology, Sales, Marketing, Product, Strategy, Customer Care, Field Service, Supply Chain, Training, Customer Experience, and Finance.


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Certifications for Project Managers

As a project manager, you can earn certifications to help bolster credibility and further your knowledge and skills in the discipline.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
Regardless of your career stage, the CAPM is an asset that will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on – or with – project teams. LEADers are expected to complete this within their first year.

Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belts
The Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt certifications show that a professional is well-versed in the core to advanced elements of Lean Six Sigma Methodology, who leads improvement projects and/or serves as a team member as a part of more complex improvement projects led by a certified Black Belt, typically in a part-time role. This training is facilitated by the Process Management and Design Team at Cox Communications. LEADers are expected to earn the Six Sigma Yellow Belt within their first year and the Six Sigma Green Belt in their second year.

Project Management Professional (PMP)
The PMP signifies that you speak and understand the global language of project management. LEADers are expected to earn the PMP within their third year.

Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)
The Agile approach to project management aims for early, measurable return-on-investment through defined, iterative delivery of product increments. This certification formally recognizes the knowledge of agile principles and skill with agile techniques.

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"Through studying case studies in my engineering and risk assessment courses, I was struck by how a strong project manager can impact the outcome of a project. When a project manager doesn't feel a sense of personal accountability to the project, team, or customer, the story can end poorly. My studies led to me being passionate about being a project manager that supports the team and fosters integrity. Given that there's a lack of entry level positions for project managers, I'm excited to enter the LEAD program and get experience leading technology projects for a large company like Cox Communications."

- Tori Valadez, LEAD 4